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Join is a magnetic bowl set designed to promote commensality (eating together at the same table) to inspire people to form better social connections and reduce antisocial habits while eating together. Join aims to reimagine communal dining in domestic spaces to enhance our perspectives on socialization and play while eating. 


“1 in 3 Americans can’t get through a meal without being on their phone (Nutrisystem).”

How can we reduce the use of phones and television at the dinner table to promote engagement with your food and the people around you?


Exploration of tableware concepts that blend the act of passing or sharing food with playful interaction. Each design requires multiple users to successfully pass dishes around the table.


These prototypes explore the chosen idea involving vessels with magnetic sides. Rapid prototypes allowed for testing of the function of the design. Concepts for handles to move the bowls around each other were also explored. Ultimately, the handles became more of an obstacle and an indented rim was included to aid in finger placement.

For the final prototype, the vessels were constructed with 24 gauge copper sheets with a magnetic strip in between.

final prototype render

Copper, commonly used in South Asian cookware and tableware, is valued for its several health benefits. The use of copper not only enhances aesthetic appeal, but also fosters deeper engagement between the user and food in front of them. 

5 smaller circular bowls glide around 2 main large bowls to encourage dynamic table sharing.


Users can configure the bowls however they wish or can use fewer bowls for a smaller group. 

Untitled_Artwork (4).png
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