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The 2024 Kikkerland Design challenge tasked Pratt students to design a product for book lovers for a chance to be sold in Barnes & Nobles stores nationwide. Cookbook Ends is a multipurpose set of bookends for cookbooks that considers the needs of Barnes & Nobles customers, while maintaining Kikkerland's aesthetic and design philosophy. This design received an academic honorable mention and is also currently in production at Kikkerland.

Cookbook Ends not only offers a convenient storage solution for your kitchen essentials, but also allows for the display of your cherished cookbooks.

20231207_145526 copy 2_edited.jpg

One book end functions as a practical utensil holder, while the other serves as a container for storing written recipes and notes.

This multipurpose product ensures that you can access your favorite recipes with ease, all while maintaining a sleek and clutter-free kitchen counter.

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